Make each step count.

Pixsteps is a cozy walking game where nature comes to life with each step you take. Walk, jog, or run to cultivate the garden of your dreams and watch as it blooms with each passing day. Pixsteps is the first pedometer where you can let your imagination run wild and earn rewards for your efforts.

  •  Genre : Pedometer/Walking Game
  •  Release : Available !
  •  Devices : iPhone and Apple Watch
  •  Price: 1,99$

How it works?

Plant a seed

Walk, run or jog at your own pace.

Your steps transform the seed into a tree!

Customize your garden

On iPhone & Apple Watch!

Pixsteps Trailer

Key features

Walk to grow

Each steps count, even when Pixsteps is closed.

Customize your Garden

with 130+ items!

Your Garden on your Watch

See your Garden grow on your wrist.


Day by Day and Week by Week Datas to track your progress.

Pay Once, Play Forever

No ads or subscriptions


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